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Ghisi Phisi Mohabbat claims to be a story about cliched love, and hopefully not a cliche love story.

Written By Fasih Bari Khan and directed By Ahmed Bhatti, this drama airs on ARY Digital every Tuesday.

Samia’s Family

Ramsha Khan as Samia

She’s a chef and engaged to cousin. About 21.

Saba Faisal as Farida

Samia’s mother

Sajeeruddin Khalifa as Anwar

Samia’s father

Sameena Ahmed as Tanveer Fatima

Samia’s lovely and understanding phupho who loves watching dramas


Samia’s sister. She likes watching drama


Samia’s younger sister. She’s efficient and remembers tiniest things.

Rizwan’s Family (First Husband)

Wahaj Ali as Rizwan

Runs a Facebook page about 24 years.

Saba Hameed as Azeeza Sultana

Rizwan’s nagging mother

Sana Askari as Farhat Parveen

Rizwan’s sister, about 29. She works as a teacher.

Saifi Hassan as Naheed

Rizwan’s father and Farida’s ex-fiance

Khalil’s Family (Second Husband)

Shaheen Khan as Farkhanda Begum

Farhat’s mother-in-law to be

Shahood Alvi as Khalil

Farkhanda Begum’s husband: He comes of as a lecherous man hitting on a girl much younger than him -Samia. He is also extra kind to the housemaids *rolling eyes*


Farkhanda Begum’s son and Farhat’s suitor. He has married twice already and has some psychological problem. Although not much has been explained.


Khalil’s mother, equally accentric and pseudo-modern.

Third Husband’s Family

Ali Abbas as Basharat

Samia’s colleague at the restaurant and presumably her next husband.

Javeria Abbasi as Batool Amtul

Basharat’s sister-in-law. Her husband is deceased and she has three kids.

Zuhab Khan

Amtul’s elder son. He is a theif and proudly so.


Basharat’s girlfriend

Recurring Characters

Arjumand Raheem as Noor

A beautician and a makeup artist and a flirt. She is the reason Rizwan leaves


Noor’s daughter and partner in crime

Abul Hasan as Shoaib

Asmara’s fiance. He likes to chew betel leaves to fight smelly breath, apparently

Parting Thoughts

Wahaj Ali’s charming smile and lovely Saba Hameed are the reason I am watching this..and that Ramsha Khan isn’t crying for a change.

Let’s begin the episodes’ review.

Shabana Mukhtar

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