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Samia’s parents visit her sasural for a formal meeting but Aziza Sultana opens a pandora box. Without giving them a chance to speak, she taunts at everything about Samia and her family. Until Naheed arrives. He glares at Farida as though he’d eat her up.

Tashi and Asmara not everything about Samia’s dysfunctional in-laws. She calls him, but he doesn’t talk to her. She arrives in the middle of the night, confronts Rizwan and slaps him.

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Noor teaches Saman to not rely on men – because she’s aiming for the big wigs before she’d give up her con game. Noor and Rizwan are flirting on the terrace when neighbour aunty spots them together. She sends her husband Azmat to talk sense into Bilal but it doesn’t work. Bilal, in turn, threatens him. To quiet neighbours, Bilal offers to marry Saman. Will Noor let Saman settle down? I doubt it but she prepares well to do a video call with Bilal’s father – hair, makeup, black dupatta and whatnot.

Official rukhsati takes place amidst Aziza’s quirky comments. Her orange dress is very pretty by the way.

Aziza’s character is superbly written or is it Saba Hameed who has embodied this role so well. But the best scene was when Naheed breaks down in front of Aziza. Well done, Saifi Hassan!

Shabana Mukhtar

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