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Rizwan steals the jewellery, talks rubbish to Samia so she wouldn’t catch his theft. What would Aziza do when Samia can’t give the jewellery?

Rizwan is one lucky chap, though. He has a wife who doesn’t hesitate to shoulder the responsibility he should have taken care of. He does feel guilty though, so he takes Samia out for tea.

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Khalil visits Farhat’s house again. Farhat and Samia go for shopping with him, giving him plenty of time to ogle at her.

Bilal’s father Mubashir is in Karachi. This time Mrs Azmat catches Noor with Mubashir. She doesn’t let things to chance and shoots a video on her phone. That’s not all, Bilal catches them together once. Bilal’s mother magically appears in Karachi at their doorstep and catches them red-handed. Mubashir who was proposing to Noor jumps off the roof to hide from his family, gets hospitalized and dies.

Say what?

Noor is unperturbed, so much, that even Saman hates her once.

Asmara has a suitor and the family is coming to see her. Farida asks Samia to wear the jewellery they’ve gifted. Haw! Will Samia learn about this? No, Rizwan doesn’t let her. But he gifts a ring. Stupid Samia! Poor Samia!

Shabana Mukhtar


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