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Rizwan gives four lakh rupees to Noor. She further pressurizes him to give her more money. Noor shows her true colours . Even though Bilal and her mother ask Noor to leave, she stays and even gets a fake cop to threaten them. She continues the drama at the police station as well and blames everything on Bilal and her mother. Bilal’s mother is put in jail. Noor and Saman leave the place.

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Aziza asks Samia to bring jewellery but all her boxes are empty.  Oh, the drama that ensues later. Aziza does verbal attack and Samia responds by making fun of her. Hilarious scene! Both actors have nailed it.

Yasir, the man who Farhat is marrying, is not only abnormal but also divorced twice. 

Ah, so long. I wasn’t getting time to edit these drafts. Now that I’ve caught up with the backlog, I hope to post a review as soon as the episode is live.

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Shabana Mukhtar

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