Kashf | Episode 22

Kashf and Wajdan are out on their honeymoon despite Imtiaz’s warning. It irks Imtiaz and be begins to lose his temper. Dilshad acts more sensibly than Imtiaz. By the way, it’s good to see Kashf smiling freely and enjoying her time away from the sanctuary. And Hira Mani is back to her Tamkinat hairstyle that she adorned in Dil Mom Ka Diya. It suits her. 



Imtiaz’s threats upset Wajdan, who yells at Kashf for no reason. We can already see a storm brewing. Imtiaz insults Wajdan and Dilshad insults Rasheda for their poverty now.



Now that the wedding is over, Kashf’s dreams are back. She sees her family weeping, everybody except Iram. Is it a sign? Will Iram die? Then a woman cries calling Hajra. Who’s Hajra?



Matee-ullah has come up with a plan – that Zoya should marry him. Will she agree? I think so.



Imtiaz’s new quirk? He sits at the sanctuary in Kashf’s absence. This man is beyond my comprehension.

Shabana Mukhtar

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