Kashf | Episode 26

Let’s review the latest episode of Kashf – episode 26 that aired on October 07, 2020.

If you’re new to this drama and interested in knowing the characters and previous episodes’ reviews, and you should, read here. It will help you understand the story better.


Kashf has decided to come back with Wajdan and Wajdan is on cloud nine. Kashf takes another step to massage Wajdan’s ego and apologizes to him for Imtiaz’s bitter words.


Aashi asks Kashf for twenty-five thousand and one lakh rupees from Dilshad. Yet another selfish person in the family.


Kashf dreams that her house is set on fire. Wajdan consoles her but we know something bad is about to happen. Matee-ullah hires a goon to destroy Imtiaz. And the police arrests Imtiaz and searches the entire house while Matee-ullah enjoys dinner with a high official. The police confiscates everything and kicks the women out of the houses too.


Matee-ullah’s master stroke, right? Kashf firmly holds her ground and refuses to do partnership with Matee-ullah. Not just that, she also warns him. I like the swag but can she do anything concrete for her family? Doubt it!


Matee-ullah is ready with his next strategy: arresting Wajdan, because it’s on Imtiaz’s name. Dayam! They get half an hour’s time to pack their stuff. How’s that possible? Would they keep the groceries and money at least, you know, given Dilshad’s predicament. I hope so. Someone should have some brains.


Can’t wait for the next episode.


Shabana Mukhtar



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