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Let’s start a brand new story…

Yep, Boyzone song…

Monday is free these days as the super annoying Ishqiya has ended. ARY Digital has not aired the finale episode so I cannot comment on how it ended. It was loud while it lasted.

Anywho, off to a new show to fill the vacancy. Mushk is perfect because the first episode aired on August 17, 2020. It is better to review right from the first episode so there is no backlog to clear.

Mushk has quite impressive credentials associated with it. Written by Imran Ashraf and directed by Aehsun Talish, this new HUM TV drama has a retro  feeling in contemporary setting.

Let’s meet the cast and characters, shall we?

Cast and Characters

The Big Fat Fuedal Family

Imran Ashraf as Adam

The cool dude with a mustache who secretly loves Mahek but this is not much of a secret because his sister knows.

Malik Nooruddin as Grandpa

Stern grandfather and patriarch of the family

Momal Shaikh as Mahek

Grand daughter who has hired Guddi to lie about her secret wedding and the baby.

Urwa Hocane as Guddi


Hired help. She’s arrogant, self-centered and obnoxious.

Hassan Ahmad as Malik Ahmed


Mahek’s uncle. He is sick and bedridden.

Zulekha Tayi Jan

Mahek’s aunt


Mahek’s cousin.


Adam’s sister

Raza Talish as Saquib

Roshni’s boyfriend

Sami Khan as Munna

One of the many servants. He flutters his eyes when he talks, like me. But I do it when I am nervous.


Zulekha’s brother who aspires for a political career


Dr Rana

Ahmad Malik’s doctor, has a fling with Zulekha and then with Guddi. Shrewd man!

Adam’s Mother

Guddi’s mother

Guddi’s Sister


Qavi Khan as Quli

A bit philosophical and Sufi like quli.

Osama Tahir  as Shayan

Mahek’s husband and one of the cellmate.

Sohail Sameer as Sajjad Another unidentifiable cellmate 

I think he is Sohail Sameer.  Muqaddar Khan put him in the cell to marry Sajjad’s fiance, Masooma’s mother now.

Ahsun Talish as Muqaddar Khan 

Shayan’s mama

Shayan’s Mami


Shayan’s cousin and fiance

Unnamed Sister

Shayan’s Sister


Shayan’s brother-in-law, Muqaddar Khan’s aide


And more to come as I watch the drama.

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