Mushk | Episode 1

Alright, this post was drafted 13 days back and I apologize to myself for this procrastination.

The first episode is a classic example of a well done exposition as the characters are introduced one after the other We also see their personalities, their motives and in some cases, their relationships.

The story revolves around grand-daughter Mahek who has hired Guddi (Urwa Hocane) to lie about her wedding and baby. Imran Ashraf plays the shy lover Adam who keeps things to himself. Mahek’s dotting grandpa sees nobody except Mehak; her tayi is mean and has a bitter tongue; her cousin has a boyfriend that nobody is aware of and there are several other characters who are still unexplained. For instance, the philosophical Sufi like quli Qavi Khan has no reference later in the episode.

It is evident that the baby is Mahek’s. Munna learns the truth and we are transported to London 2018. The flashback only shows the beginning of a love story, but it isn’t hard to guess that Osama Tahir is/was Mahek’s husband.

Next, we see two unidentifiable cellmates. One of them is quiet and restless; the one who wakes up shouting, “Mahek!” Yep, that’s Osama Tahir in a disguise. I think the other one is Sohail Sameer.

I am intrigued by Guddi’s arrogance. And the retro look these characters have donned. I cannot wait to review the next episode. And, I hope that the same level of curiosity continues through the series.

By the way, Ahsun Talish brings his son Raza Talish in this drama. Nepotism yet again. Raza is a decent actor, but he was previously seen in Suno Chanda, another project helmed by Ahsun. Just saying!

Be Safe!

Shabana Mukhtar

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