Mushk | Episode 2

Let’s review the second episode of Mushk.

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Guddi’s nakhra has no bounds. In the middle of the night, she demands food and Mahek has to abide by her tantrums. His aide? Munna. But this is late night. So the silent ashiq Adam goes to the shop a kilometre away just to get diet coke. Mohabbat ho to aisi!

By the way, if it rains one gets drenched from head to toe not just the hair, just saying.

Oh, the cellmate is definitely Sohail Sameer. I recognized his voice but this face is etched into my memories as nazakat. Shayan breaks through their prison and Sohail (unnamed so far) refuses to leave. Unki setting paas mein hi hai.

A family finds Shayan on the road and saves him by hiding him behind a veil. The watchman who looked after the cell is shot dead, by the big shot Muqaddar Khan played by Aehsun Talish. He’s Shayan’s mama. His daughter Masooma witnesses the killing and gets sick.

Shanzey, Mahek’s friend loves Fakhar, who married in Pakistan. Heartbroken, Shanzey jumps off the roof, making Mahek insecure about her own love life. That’s why she pressurized Shayan for nikaah. Why did he abandon her? Because he’s engaged to his cousin Masooma, the young girl. Dayam!

Everyone is doing a fab job with their roles but Urwa is so far the best. Her character is also the strongest so far.

Love the writing. Some lines are so effing good.

This doesn’t seem like a drama. This needs to be an epic. So many intriguing subplots. I just hope they give enough time to each track and don’t hastily wrap up things.

Shabana Mukhtar

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