Mushk | Episode 5

Let’s review the fifth episode of Mushk.

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Adam stays with Guddi at the station without talking much so she tells her story.

Guddi’s sister calls her again to ask for money. Two sisters and a brother. Brother is educated and leaves his family to settle in Dubai. And she began to con people. Long story, Adam fives her money to stay. But she changes her mind every second. Unreliable!


Zulekha diverts the scolding by threatening to commit suicide.


Qutbuddin aspires to be a politician so Malik sahib asks him, “Convince Zulekha to let Guddi come back. I will let you contest the election.” Qutbuddin is sharp, and passes the test.


Sohail convinces that Shayan should marry Masooma. I think Shayan will concede.


Mahek calls just as Guddi boards the train and leaves.


Shabana Mukhtar

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