Mushk | Episode 7

Let’s review the seventh episode of Mushk.

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Malik Noor thinks it was Mahek and not Roshni. How the hell does he not trust Mahek? He isn’t talking to her or looking at her. On the other hand, Guddi makes sure to remind Zulekha that she knows the truth. She knows about Roshni and she knows about the doctor. I like her game.

I like Zulekha’s game too. She gives Saquib 15 lakh rupees to run away and tell Roshni that she could not meet him. Roshni is devastated but Guddi brainwashes her to contact Saquib.

Sajjad shares his story with Shayan. Muqaddar is ready to welcome Shayan back.

Malik Nooruddin is so worried that he decides to marry off Mahek and Roshni. Adam for Mahek, of course!

Shabana Mukhtar

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