Qarar | Episode 1

This episode opens with a cliche breakfast scene as Fareeha gets ready for school (she’s a teacher, not a student). Her doting uncle Siraj worries about her breakfast while her aunt Nadra snorts at the obvious affectionate relationship.

All Nadra cares about is Maya, her daughter; and a rich alliance for Maya. Maya is no different. She thinks of herself as a princess who can settle for only the best looking, most beautiful man of Pakistan.

Fareeha’s colleague Rana suggests that Maya should also get a job, to which Fareeha politely refuses. As it turns out, the characters already know how arrogant Maya is.

Fareeha and Rana don’t get a cab, and on cue enters the handsome cousin Ammar.  Ammae drops Fareeha home and falls head over heels for Maya’s beauty.  He convinces his grandmother to meet Maya’s family and seek her hand in marriage. Too fast!

Upset Maya heads to the mall to escape Ammar’s visit and runs into her ex-classmate  Salman looks determined to win her over this time around. Who wins the battle – Ammar or Salman?

We will find in the next episode.

Don’t like the title track, or Sanam’s lenses. And, I can safely predict the story arc. I don’t think this drama will stand the 5-episode test.

Shabana Mukhtar

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