Qarar | Episode 5


Maya is still arrogant and obnoxious. The episode begins as Maya has another tiff with Fareeha. Fareeha’s only mistake was that she praised Maya’s ubtan ceremony’s dress.


Fareeha is like a stone, no insult affects her, not enough to put her foot down. She’s too good to be true. That night, she sleeps in Maya’s room. Salman calls Maya in the middle of the night.


The next morning, Salman arrives as all the preparations are in full swing. He opens the conversation with a bomb. “Fareeha knows about me.”


Salman comes inside, bickers with Siraj and Maya openly admits that she wants to marry Salman. Nadra and Maya puts the blame on Fareeha. Fareeha dear, take a stand, NOW!


But, no… Of course, why would she say a word?


Siraj calls Ammar and her nano. After some dramatic dialogues, the alliance is off. To compensate, Nano asks for Fareeha’s hand. Predictable AF!


Ammar and Fareeha talk to their elders respectively but neither listen to reason.


Maya and Salman get married. Unhappy Siraj tells Maya to stay away from maika. Seeing Siraj devastates, Fareeha concedes.


Superb overacting by every character, except Waseem Abbas…


Waiting for Meekal’s entry…


Until then, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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