Qarar | Episode 6

Salman is showing his true colours already. He taunts Maya about Ammar, whether Maya is still interested in Ammar. Maya has other worries. Why didn’t her family invite her for Fareeha’s wedding. This girl is selfishness personified, I tell you.

She learns about Salman’s other wife and Salman also speaks to her rudely. How does she retaliate? By asking him more about Zebunnisa.

Back home, Siraj realizes that he was harsh with Fareeha and that Fareeha hid the truth about Salman because Nadira pressurized her. Ammar is all sadu during nikaah as if it is Fareeha’s mistake. I hate such men and I will never write about such heros.

Fareeha gives a very dull speech about how she sympathizes with Ammar that he is marrying her without his will.

Siraj has a list of all the jewellery that Fareeha’s mother left her. Nadira is in a soup because she has given those sets to Maya now. Siraj is adamant on getting the list and the jewellery.

Will Nadira be able to hide the truth? She tries her best, of course, by forcing Fareeha, again. Fareeha also learns that Nadira has given all the jewellery to Maya.

But Siraj finds the missing key and the confrontation is ugly. But, Nadira is one shameless woman.

The episode ends as Rabab and Muneeb both overact as unhappy couple in marriage. They both chew their words, no?

Until then, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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