Qarar | Episode 7

Ammar is sadoo AF, Fareeha is sulking, and Nani is cheerful as ever without realizing Ammar is roasting inside. Roasting does not sound as effective. Jal bhun kar kabab ho gaya. 

Fareeha and Ammar’s track is as predictable as it gets. We see one trope after the other. Ammar asks Fareeha to pretend to be happy, they bicker later, he yells at her for no reason; stuff like that. This track is annoying.

I cannot say that Salman and Maya’s track has any surprises so far. Salman is shown as a typical wadera who pretends to be all sweet and loving at one time and the next moment he is all chauvenistic. At times, I feel that his behaviour put Maya in her place. But, if Maya was not shown as a grey character, then his humiliating ways are not acceptable, right?

Sanam’s portrayal of self-obsessed, self-centered, short-tempered girl is spot on. Look at her, so calculating, so jealous and so pretty at the same time.

So far, this drama is showing Maya as a materialistic person, someone who thinks that a better life is determined by how much money we have. I would be interested in seeing her redemption arc, if there is any.

If it was only about Maya, I would have liked it much better. Or, if Fareeha’s track was not so clichéd. Let’s discuss the clichés, shall we?

Ammar thinks Fareeha purposefully tried to break his engagement with Maya. Misunderstanding trope.

Rana and Nano are gaga over how good Fareeha is.

Ammar hates her but also asks her to pretend that all is well. This is literally every novel I read in Aanchal.

Fareeha is already falling for Ammar even though he is being nothing but a moron. Why? Because he is her mijazi khuda. Meh! Oh, by the way, I didn’t like the vase scene at all. Fareeha is walking with flowers in her hand, presumably to put them in the vase, Ammar is heading out. Neither see each other and bump against each other. Itni behoshi ke alam mein kon chalta hai? Ammar stops to pick up the flowers and she is all smiling and blushing. That is so typical, and we have seen that a million times. He should have left her alone, she should have cursed what a moron he is. That would have added a little spice to the story.

Of course, that is just my opinion.

Let me also predict what happens next. Ammar will gradually realize that Fareeha was right, perhaps even meet with an accident of some sorts. Fareeha will look after him and he will fall for her; because men don’t learn their lesson unless wives show how caring they are. *Mental snort*

Until then, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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