Zebaish | Episode 10

The episode begins as hyper-emotional Nadeem tells Shahana to marry Pervez. Next, Pervez, Shahana and Nadeem ponder about their decision. Nadeem has given his permission but he isn’t happy about it.

Shahana and Pervez return after nikaah, and Nadeem immediately announces that he’s leaving for London for a job. Ummm, what about Naushaba?

Javed and family has moved to Islamabad. Fakhra and Tashi continue to torture Javed for money. Tashi is smart though. She isn’t openly against Javed, so Javed would not hate her.

Back at aastana, Qasim and Wasif have started quarrelling now. and, Wasif threatens Salma that he will remarry if he doesn’t get the “gaddi”. What else is new?

We see a time jump of two years. Nadeem still hasn’t returned and still hasn’t come to terms with Pervez as his stepfather. Nadeem’s colleague hits on her, right in the middle of a restaurant. Guess who else is there? Tashi and Fakhra. Tashi has changed her mind about Nadeem. Do we see a bit of  sparks flying? I think so.

Naushaba is now modelling and people around her are spoiling her like crazy.

Shabana Mukhtar

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