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A stalker who refuses to reveal his identity, a crush who refuses to take me seriously, a friend-slash-mentor who doesn’t talk about anything except work…

My love-life sucks…

And, to think that I aspire to be a romance author.

I plan my life in 5-year-blocks.

Top school@15
Graduation and job@20
Quit job and move out of India@35
Start a new career as an author@40

I was sticking to this plan until pandemic struck…

I now realize that life is too short and uncertain to wonder and ponder infinitely. I want to unleash the crazy child in me who wants to play with the world of words.

Does it matter? Does fiction need its roots in reality? Can I weave a tale about my fantasies about my crush? I wouldn’t know until I try.

Here’s my story: Once Upon a Pandemic

Once Upon a Pandemic is second in my “Once Upon a Time” series – a series of is a series of standalone, clean and wholesome, sweet and fuzzy romantic stories with people from one story popping up in another as a guest appearance of sorts.

The stories can be read in any order. I do not dig cliff hangers nor can I write one. For better experience, read them in order, will you?


Author’s Note

Hello guys,

I have decided to revive my author dream because… Why not?

I’ve been busy doing a million other things except writing. But I’m back to my storytelling mode, this time with a series, because why not?

Hey, people say that series works on KDP. I’m going to try that now and be more consistent, perseverant, persistent and other synonyms if you will. Let’s see if that brings about any change. The series will feature a range of loosely coupled (ahem, software engineer talking) romance short stories and novellas with people from one story popping up in another as a guest appearance of sorts. I do not dig cliff hangers nor can I write one.

Oh, the series title you ask. Once Upon a Time. People have done many variations already: Half Upon a Time, Twice Upon a Time etc. Now let me be creative and see how many titles I can churn.

For clean wholesome romance lovers who love to read diverse stories, please contact me on my blog and be a part of my crew. You will get to read the book for free in exchange for an honest review.

Once Upon a Mentor (A Contemporary Romance) is available on amazon. It costs 99 INR and free for kindle unlimited subscribers.

Buy on Just enter the ASIN B08P54Q5P3 on your amazon search box.

I know, authors are expected to begin the marketing ahead of the release but I never know when I will finish a story. Secondly, I can never wait to release a book once it is done. So, watch this space, I will share the sample chapters soon.




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