Fun Facts About Me #7

I share a love-hate relationship with tea.

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  1. Sara Saif says:

    I need more details.

    1. Love the taste, love the smell, love the colour but hate it that I blame tea for my inability to sleep. Can’t live without it. ☕☕ Cheers!

      1. Sara Saif says:

        Ah! Perhaps quit drinking a couple hours before sleep?

      2. بہن، صبح دس کے پہلے ایک کپ پیتی ہوں، بس۔ میں بے چاری۔۔۔
        Btw, ‘quit drinking’ without context would totally mean something else, hehehe

      3. Sara Saif says:

        LOL yeah. Sorry. But really? subah aik cup chai se raat ko neend naheen aati aapko?

      4. کیا کہوں۔۔۔ بس بہانہ ہے۔ نیند نہ ایسے آتی ہے نہ ویسے۔۔۔

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