Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 20

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This is roughly 104-109 of Urdu dubbed Emergency Pyar.


(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 104)

Sonia mistakes Zeynep as Sinan’s girlfriend but Nisan doesn’t let Sinan tell the truth. Why? Because lying fixes the situation, in Nisan’s world. I don’t blame Sinan for being mad at Nisan. I pity that man. Where is Abidin when I need a pinch of comedy?

Sonia offers to do the surgery for a patient because one of the senior doctors isn’t available. Because that’s how it’s done in hospitals. Come, do am operation for us. Kuch bhi ho raha hai.

Zeynep has a slumber party and Uzair’s imagination goes wild but the girls are pretty decent and boring for Uzair. One of them recognizes Uzair as her friend’s girlfriend. Zeynep is suspicious now but the reality is still hidden.

I wonder if there is a way to just watch Abidin’s sections and not see Nisan. She gets to my nerves.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 105)

Nisan gets her hair stuck in Sinan’s shirt and the rants that follow is sure to give you a headache.

Nisan’s brilliant plan is to make Zeynep look bad in front of Sonia so she would like Nisan instead. Stupid plan, right? What else so you expect from Nisan? Since Nisan is also there, she ends up annoying Sonia more than ever and Zeynep looks like a pretty fairy in her comparison.

Abidin’s ATM card is stuck inside and his monologue with the ATM machine is so funny. So respite after a very irritating series of events.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 106)

Nisan tells Zeynep to pretend to splurge on her card to irk Sonia. And Zeynep goes all out maxing out the cards limit.

The mystery woman is a woman named Seema and she has a son. How is she related to Sinan? Don’t ask.

Bushra, Uzair’s ex-girlfriend and her friend come to find Uzair at the hospital.

Abidin finds a crazy woman and takes her to the bank to act as his grandma to take his card back. He succeeds in getting the cash but the woman steals the money from him. Haw! My poor Abidin!

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 107)

Abidin tries to get hold of the old lady’s bag but she dismisses him and run away.

Sonia joins the hospital and now everyone is worried that Sonia will find the truth. Zeynep tells that because of their differences, she’s breaking up with Sinan.

“I am doing this for us.” I have heard this a million times already. Sinan decides to take matters into his hands. Finally!!!

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 108)

Abidin gets the cash but still cannot abandon the old lady. So he takes her to Nisan’s apartment.

Sinan plans to tell Sonia the truth and organizes a dinner with Zeynep and Nisan.

Nisan has a bad dream about Sinan so she assumes it will be over between her and Sinan. So, she runs away to the basketball court where there love story began.


(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 109)

That crazy woman that Abidin has found takes him to random houses and argues with random people. I love Abidin but that scene was a bit too much, a bit too forced attempt as humour. Abidin brings the old woman home.

Sinan tells Sonia about his love for Nisan. His often would he propose her? Sonia pretends to be happy but she really isn’t. I wouldn’t be, either, if I had Nisan becoming a part of my family. Haha!

Four more episodes to go and this charade will come to an end.

Shabana Mukhtar



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