Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 23

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This is roughly 122-128 of Urdu dubbed Emergency Pyar.


Nisan packs everything that Sinan has ever gifted. Abidin, the ever caring friend is there for her. He keeps Sinan’s gifts safe.

Abidin is the best!!!

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 122)

Abidin’s efforts to save Sinan’s gift are wasted and Nisan takes the box to throw out. She runs into Sinan, they argue as Sonia and Mahek enjoy the show.

Nisan is supercharged and hyper-excited to hide her depression.

The second half of the episode is crazy. Sinan gets a call from Elif for Dr Murat’s farewell party; another doctor Dr Tanveer is on call and witnesses an accident; the man is brought to the hospital and Sinan is rude to Tanveer. Because all the doctors are always related; at least in this series.


Hint: Tanveer Vs Nisan?

Why, oh why? Why introduce more characters and more twists now? Just end the damn story.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 124)

Nisan and Zeynep are at a club and Nisan gets drunk to forget everything about Sinan.

Sinan and Uzair are also at a bar where Sinan tells Uzair that Seema is his late friend’s wife and he had vowed to take care of them.

Whilst Zeynep and Uzair pretend to listen to their friends rant, in reality they are texting each other as Zeynep and Baris. Sinan and Nisan both hate them for being busy on phone instead of listening to them. They even call each other. They are at the same bar so Uzair knows. Wow!

Now, both Nisan and Sinan assume that it was a ploy to get them together.

Sinan gets a call from Seema who’s devastated, weeping and talked about her brother who beat her for money. Was it real? No, it was a staged drama. More twists, just what we needed.

For Cast & Characters and review of previous episodes, please read here.

This episode reeked of tropes.

1. Zeynep and Nisan talk loudly at the club and the music stops just when they are the loudest.

2. They are at the same bar.

3. Nisan is locked inside. Nisan is claustrophobic. Ahem!

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 125)

Zeynep and Nisan arrive at the apartment where Amena has packed all her stuff. She wants to unpack but then she spots Sinan bringing Seema and Ali home.

I will find another place.

Zeynep tries to talk her out of it but Nisan is so heartbroken, she is firm on her decision. Sonia still tells Sinan to be rid of Seema whereas Mahek sprinkles salt on Nisan’s wounds.

The episode ends as Tanveer and Sinan are face to face.


(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 126)

Tanveer runs into Nisan and flirts with her. Tanveer isn’t really the nice man he pretends to be.

Uzair continues to pretend to be Baris and Zeynep finds Baris very charming. Let’s see how long this charade lasts.

This episode primarily focuses on Tanveer and Mahek playing games to irk Sinan and Nisan respectively. They are made for each other, don’t you think?

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 127)

Zeynep’s date with Baris isn’t going well. Baris is a male chauvinist and Zeynep doesn’t agree with ideology. To make matters worse, she gets a call from her neighbour about bathroom’s leakage. Funny scene!

For Cast & Characters and review of previous episodes, please read here.

But not as funny as the fight between Sinan and Tanveer. Tanveer hugs Nisan just to irk Sinan and it yields the expected results.


That’s end of episode 23. One more to go, woohoo!!!

Shabana Mukhtar

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