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Length: 211 pages

Published: 30 November, 2020

Price: INR 99 (Or you can borrow it for free if you’ve Kindle Unlimited subscription)

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Book Description

A passionate enemies-to-lovers romance.

He is the last man she wants to be stranded with on a deserted island. She hates him. But when their private jet crashed, she is stuck with him.

She should be happy that he is an ex-Air Force Commander who is used to unusual and extreme situations. But his arrogant barking orders makes her want to strangle the bossy jerk.

How many more days would it take for their rescue? It has to be soon because even though the island is stunningly beautiful, the constant whiplash she got from his angry growling followed by passionate kisses is driving her crazy…

Plot Summary & Review

Sameera Nayak and Veer Pratap are flying to Thailand and their chopper crashes on an island, leaving the two to loath each other, and their old feelings resurface.

This is what I call an escapist fiction. There was not much story except their passionate outings, and a tiny misunderstanding that kept them apart .

The setting is written so beautifully that I could not put the book down my mobile down. Just what you need when you need to escape… I wish I could camp at such scenic and picturesque island, alone.

Shabana Mukhtar

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