Book Review: Asim and the moon: By SILLUSTRATIONS

Non-review Rant

There are three reasons I read this book.

1) I am reading short stories to meet my reading challenge on Goodreads of reading 150 books, like really short ones.

2) I like reading illustrated books once in a while.

3) Currently, I am about to round-up kids’ books. So, I decided to include this in the lot.

Book Details


Title: Asim and the Moon

Length: 18 pages

Published: 13 September, 2019

Price: INR 70 (Or you can borrow it for free if you’ve Kindle Unlimited subscription)

Link to Buy On Amazon:

Book Description

SILLUSTRATIONS presents cute kid stories with accompanying handmade illustrations. This story is the first in a series of lovely little adventures of a two-year-old.

Plot Summary & Review

This is a story about a young boy who learns to draw moon using chalk and chalkboard. The story was cute and suitable to read it to young ones (I read it to my nephew and niece).
The accompanying artwork is okay. There were some formatting issues and some illustrations had black background and therefore were invisible. Other than this tiny problem, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’d recommend it to everyone who want to read it to little ones.

Shabana Mukhtar