Book Review: All I’ve Never Wanted (by Ana Huang)

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Title:  All I’ve Never Wanted

Author: Ana Huang

# of pages: 626

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Author Profile

Ana Huang (also known as ACRL37 on Wattpad) is a Young and New Adult Romance author whose passion for the written word began the moment she first picked up a pen. However, born into a family who didn’t speak English, she had to take ESL in kindergarten and first grade. That may have helped hone her language skills, but it was her mother’s encouragement to write a daily story that really acquainted her with the beauty of the English language.

At just 16 years of age, Ana wrote a novel entitled “All I’ve Never Wanted.” Several years later, she published it, touting a staggering 17 million views on Wattpad. It also quickly became a #1 Amazon bestseller for the Humorous Teen Fiction category. As an adult, her passion for writing has only grown, with a second novel titled “If We Ever Meet Again.”

Storytelling aside, Ana is also an avid wanderer (and wonderer), foodie, and photographer who can list off each and every world capital on command.


The Scions were the four richest, most powerful guys at Valesca Academy, and they ruled the school with iron fists. Everyone wanted to date them or be them…everyone, that is, except Maya Lindberg, who just wanted to avoid them until she could graduate.

She almost succeeded, until an ill-advised outburst on her part put her right in the Scions’ path. Just like that, one became her fake boyfriend, one her unwanted matchmaker, one her guardian angel, and the one she couldn’t stand the most? Yeah, he’s her new housemate.

What happens when a girl gets everything she never asked for, including a puppy, a new wardrobe, and, possibly, even true love?

Plot & Review


The book is about a girl Maya who does not want to be in limelight, especially from the  Scions aka rulers of the school.


  1. Maya is a girl getting straight A’s and has managed to stay invisible for entire year, except for Venice, her BFF. Is that possible?
  2. The Scions – everybody is breathtakingly gorgeous and rich. I think that can be allowed. But if they are rich, why are they talking about prices, and brands, and their various homes all over the world? I mean, I don’t know but if I have all the money in the world, I would not talk about the prices of the dresses I buy, or whether I am wearing a Jimmy Choo or Armani or what not.
  3. Everybody wants a piece of Maya – from Parker to James, from Carlo to Rico to Roman.
  4. Parker suddenly becomes this sweet boy who likes Adriana and has liked her since childhood. The sleeping around bit was just sidelined by saying, ‘they were not you’. Does that work that way?
  5. I don’t understand what was the point. Maya and the Scions and Venice and everybody is just hanging out together all the time and having fun. So, what else?

I am really really faltering on my choices. I needed a YA sweet romance novel. This story is from wattpad, I guess because the writing style is quite similar. I mean similar to the few stories I read on wattpad. And it is LONG.

Shabana Mukhtar

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