Book Review: Almost Together by Ira

Book Details

Title: Almost Together

Author: Ira M.

Published on: 26th December 2018

Genre: Romantic Comedy

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Ira has completed her degree in computer engineering and has joined the research and development centre of a multinational bank.
Her job is going great until she meets Siddharth.
They connect instantly and grow fond of each other. They become friends, then more than friends.
Ira has certain expectations from their relationship but she is not sure if she can label it as a relationship. And if so, what should that be?
Sid also has expectations. He doesn’t believe in talking more than is necessary. He is passionate and demanding. He has had his fair share of sexual encounters and it is difficult for him to curb his desires. It is also difficult to understand what Ira wants.
They belong to different spectrums moral and religious beliefs.
They face challenges of the relationship or the absence of it.
The story of Ira and Sid…
The story of a Mumbai girl meeting a Delhi boy…
The story of a good girl meeting a bad boy…
The story of internal conflicts that both characters endure…
The story of an adorable couple, the sizzling chemistry between them, scorching hot intimacy and gut-wrenching heartache.

Non Review Rant

I was checking out the pen to publish 2018 entries and this one caught my eye. The title is so simple that it was difficult to ignore it. I contemplated downloading it to my Kindle. I wanted to read it.
But, then I got an email – an email from Ira, the author. She requested to review the book and provided me the .pdf file.

I know, I could have read it for free on my Kindle subscription, but the thought of getting it ‘free’ has a certain ring to it.

I ended up reading it on Kindle. That will give her some royalty. Why not help another indie author, right?


It is short, has only 151 pages.

It is an easy and quick read.

It manages to stay cute, funny and heartwarming almost throughout, except… towards the end it started to digress towards a bit of erotica. Throughout the books, the couple can’t keep their hands off each other. It was cute most of the time, though. If that aspect could be ignored, the book was a rather enjoyable read.

I lean more towards of a squeaky clean romance, if I read romance. This one wasn’t it. But the couple was adorable. Specially the dilemma in Ira’s head was relatable.

And yes, the character’s name is Ira, named after the author. It makes me wonder if it is autobiography, albeit fictionalized.

If you don’t mind reading a passionate Bollywood-ish romance, go for it. It is on free book promotion as I post.

Excerpts / Quotes / Highlights:

You know how they say, that you should not hide anything from your doctor. And, that you should not hide anything from your lawyer. Similarly, you should not discuss everything with your friends.


I’m thinking of a backpack. It will symbolise that I’m carrying your weight and your luggage. Or a jacket to keep you warm and comfortable and hold you close and near.



Cover: 3.5 / 5
Plot: 3.5 / 5
Writing: 3 / 5

Overall rating: 3.25/5

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