Book Review: An Indian Loser by Uzma Hameed

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Title: An Indian Loser

Author: Uzma Hameed

# of pages: 374

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In the other parts of the world when people fail, they gather themselves and try again; people around them encourage, motivate and inspire.

However, in India if a person fails, he is considered incompetent, inadequate and unworthy. People around him disregard him as a loser and he is finished even before he could start.

However, there are some ‘Indian Losers’ who refuse to give up.

‘An Indian Loser’ is the story of one such boy.

Peeyush was the poster boy of the great Indian dream for his average middle class neighbourhood. His life was almost set – crack the IIT JEE, run away to a better city, find a great job and marry the girl of his dreams. However, by a strange stroke of bad luck he encounters an unexpected failure that turns his life upside down. As a result, for the first time in his life, he witnesses the abhorrence that Indians have towards failures.

He runs away from his family, enrols in an average college course, joins politics and becomes arch political rival with his best friend. After years of unimaginable hardships, he is now desperate to make a success out of his political career. Finally, an opportunity arrives that can make up for the let-downs that he has faced in life. But, there is a price to pay. Will he take the plunge to win his old self back and become a winner again?

Read ‘An Indian Loser’ to discover the unimaginable story of human resilience, grit and determination.

Non Review Rant

I received a review request from the author in January and I couldn’t accomodate the same in Jan or Feb. Initially, I had added to my April to-read pile. I started reading it in Feb, but the the first few chapters dragged a bit and I could not find it in me to reada it. This month, when I renewed my kindle subscription, I thought I would just finish it. I didn’t want to push it much farther back in the year. I, therefore, have completed reading it over the weekend.

This is my honest review. I did not receive a review copy.

Plot & Review


The book is about Peeyush, a boy who aspires to be an engineer and fails the entrance test.


The book cover reminds me of Candy Crush so bonus points for that. I am on level 4314, by the way. Anybody else?

The pain that peeyish goes thru’ after failing the exams was, well, painful. It was also exagerated, in my opinion. I could not fathom why failing one exam was made out to be such a big deal. Perhaps, because he had a lot of expectations.

Expectations, I tell you, are your worst enemy.

He does give life another chance. The book covers his journey.

The journey from a failure to a blue eyed boy of a political party, from a innocent person to a goon-ish man, to a successful political leader is vivid and vibrant.

It seems to drag a bit in more than a few places. It slowed me down. The book is an easy read otherwise.

A few things that affected my reading experience and I would like the author to fix it. It is a constructive feedback, not criticism.

  • Switching between first person and third person. In the first few chapters.
  • & instead of and
  • Training instead of train
  • Supped instead of sipped
  • Ofcourse
  • Afterall


Cover: 4 / 5
Plot: 3.5 / 5
Writing:  3.5 / 5

Overall rating: 3.5/5

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