Book Review: BOLLYWOOD FIANCÉ FOR A DAY (By Ruchi Vasudeva)

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Title: Bollywood Fiancé For A Day

Author: Ruchi Vasudeva

# of pages: 170

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Ruchi Vasudeva a doctor by profession, a teacher by vocation and an author by destiny.


Studious Dr. Vishakha never dreamed that winning a date with Bollywood heartthrob Zaheer Saxena would land her in an unusual deal to benefit both of them. Zaheer wants to ward off unwanted attention from his leading lady and agrees to help her save her face. It’s just like a business arrangement for Vishakha – except that she hadn’t factored in the unwanted, yet extremely potent attraction this movie star would hold for her. But she has to keep in mind that make believe is his talent – before she begins to wish this were a dream that would come true.

Non-review Rant

A random pick – since I wanted to read desi.

Plot & Review


The story is about Vishakha – a doctor; and Zaheer Saxena – an actor, playboy, of course.


Vishakha’s fiance fancies her sister Saira and that leaves Vishakha heartbroken. To mend those wounds, she participates in a contest of some sort to win a date with Bollywood heartthrob Zaheer. Zaheer is late, Vishakha snaps at him and the journey begins.

Both have a ‘situation’ to deal with and a fake engagement seems a good way to handle it. But they fall for each other.

I like the chemistry between the couple, especially Zaheer. Vishakha was a bit annoying to me. The plot was okay and followed a predictable arc.

I had some trouble with the language. It was somewhere between simple and poetic, but… I don’t know, but I have not read such dialogues and descriptions before. Many a times, I wondered; oh, is that an expression? I blame it on my limited vocabulary and limited reading experience. I don’t read enough, maybe.

A quick and nice read.

Shabana Mukhtar

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