Book Review: Harry Potter #5 – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

There are two type of people in this world – those who love Harry Potter and others who don’t.

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As I noted in my first post, I was blackmailed into reading this series.

I didn’t like the beginning of this one. But after first three chapters, as usual, I went crazy in the Potter world.


Book 5: Harry Potter and the the Order of the Phoenix

This was the first HP book that I read in English from start to end. And in retrospect, I feel that I didn’t like the earlier books as much because it wasn’t JKR’s voice. Don’t get me wrong, the translator has done a fabulous job. But it just wasn’t her voice and that made a difference.


GoodReads Review (Posted On August 20, 2018)

Alright, so done with this one too.

As I have repeatedly said, I like the writing, but still wasn’t a fan. This books has changed that. I am a big fan. For this book not just describes the wizardary and stuff, but the writer has beautifully painted all the emotions – from rage to love to friendship to envy. You name it, the book’s got it. Plus, it is really a page turner (except for the first 25%-30% as I mentioned earlier).

This book is lengthiest by far, and therefore had a lot more adventures than previous ones. I don’t want to list them all her, of course. But want to highlight the below ones.

Things that made me excited

* Harry teaching the defense against the dark magic
* And Harry potter saviour to Arthur Weasley
* When DA (Dumbledore’s academy) gets reported and Harry is caught. Dumbledore taking responsibility of D.A.
* The confrontation between McGonagall and Umbridge, specially the one during Harry’s career consultation.
* And when Dumbledore tells him five years worth of stories
* Hagrid & his brother – cute

Things that made me cry till I got headache
* Neville and his parents at hospital
* Black’s dead. Why, oh, why?


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