Book Review: Harry Potter #7 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

There are two type of people in this world – those who love Harry Potter and others who don’t.

Shabana Mukhtar

As I noted in my first post, I was blackmailed into reading this series.

I am grateful to the blackmailer. I was missing on a great piece of writing.


Book 7: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

GoodReads Review (Posted On August 22, 2018):

And finally it is over.

It was brutal, painful, dreadful, and too many things to take. But Harry did what he was meant to do. And the freak Tom Riddle is gone for good.

A lot of people I cared for, Harry cared for, died in this. There was so much happening that I still feel blurred. Frankly I’m not sure all my questions are answered. But I am glad it is over.

Don’t I deserve an award or something that I have read all of the Harry Potter books within a month, and that too in such ‘young’ age?

I think I do.

Do I want to add more? I guess that summed it up real nice.


Shabana Mukhtar

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sara Saif says:

    *claps proudly in the audience and wipes tears*

  2. *cries*
    I would like to dedicate this award to my dedication. I would like to thank the blackmailer and GR friends. I would like to give complete credit to my desire to be “young at heart”
    *Coughs like the oldest person alive*
    Hugs and kisses everybody

  3. Sara Saif says:

    Yes you deserve an award. Ehehehe. *hands you some faceless trophy*

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