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Length: 212 pages

Published: 30 June, 2011

Price: 102 (Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers)

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We crave what we can’t have…

When you have a chance to plan the wedding of all weddings, falling for the gorgeous groom is out of the question. How does one ignore the sparks, the attraction, and the forbidden fruit right in front of them?

Trying to keep her head down, Lilac Freesia (yes, her mother had a bad sense of humor) just wants to get the job done and pretend she doesn’t feel anything.

Except, what if she can’t walk away from the job of a lifetime—or the man of her dreams?

“But you can’t control who you love.”

“A romance story yet to be written.”

Author Profile

Lexy Timms is a mom, business woman, dreamer and writer. She finally decided to write her first romance novel and Saving Forever is her debut story.

Plot Summary

Violet Freesia is assistant to a top wedding planner Nathaniel. She falls for the groom from the word go and what follows is just a random series of events that reader should take as attraction and romance. 

Nobody wants that wedding – the groom, or the bride, or the groomsmen, or the bridesmaid, or the grandparents. Why is this happening, again?


I read other reviews, and even watch videos. Many people don’t like insta love and I now know why.

First off, the description is so full of self and yet so plain. It is in your face. 

Lilac Freesia (yes, her mother had a bad sense of humor)

Let the reader discover the joke and enjoy the humor.

The heroine introduces herself as Lilac in first chapter and later as Viloet. I get it, it is the same colour with a different name. But, it is different for people, right? 

Moving on…

I assume Violet was written and should be considered as the understanding heroine. But that’s so untrue. She’s flirting with the groom, despite repeated warnings from her boss and other people. 

Ray was this man who goes through the whole marriage ordeal because his parents want to seal a business deal and he wants to save the damsel in distress Emi. 

I could not visualize any character. Vivien did not feel like an evil person even though there  was enough to tell us that she is evil.

The plot was more of a wedding planning thing than a romance and whatever little was there, was instant and abrupt. I mean, Violet and Ray spend a few minutes together the first time they meet, less than an hour, let’s say. And, then for a couple of minutes here and there. Then he comes to her room and then they suck faces. How’s that possible? Attraction? Hormones? Lust? Willingness to bury the sorrows under acts of stupidity?

By the way, the whole Shannon angle was the most expected twist, in a plot full of predictable events.

I am being very critical these days. I have read 4 Urdu stories and I didn’t like them. Maybe I should take a break.

Shabana Mukhtar