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Book Details


Title: His Convenient Bride (Contracts Book 1)

Length: 135 pages

Published: 22 November, 2019

Price: INR 49 (Or you can borrow it for free if you’ve Kindle Unlimited subscription)

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Book Description

One celebrity, a group of friends, one incident and things change forever.
Anushka and Nikhil are childhood friends. Well, not just friends. You know how they say – a girl and a boy can never be just friends. One of them falls in love.
Anushka has had a crush on him for ages and Nikhil fails to see it.

Until one day…

Nikhil’s world turns upside down and he suddenly wants to settle down. He chooses Anushka, and that’s when the troubles start.

This is a light-hearted romantic novella with a promised happy ending. There are some cozy moments but nothing too explicit.

“His Convenient Bride” is first in Contracts series. Each story in the series will be a romance / romance comedy with a “togetherness of convenience” theme.

Author’s Profile

Ira is an IT professional. She is thirty-nine years old and currently lives in Sheffield.

Non Review Rant

Do you hate recommendations? I do, sometimes.

Most of the time, YouTube gets it right and suggest just the perfectly relevant video for me. Sometimes, it falters and shows me videos from channels that put click-baity thumbnail but the video is some crappy amalgamation of various clips. Or worse, some tik tok video. Really? I couldn’t bear to watch the 30 seconds ad of Musically while playing Candy Crush. I hate it that much.

Anywho, the other sent of recommendations I get are on my Kindle. Based on my reading history, and other customers who have similar taste, it prompts me to read new books.

This one was one of them. I looked at the first criteria – length of the book. At 135 pages and claiming to be reasonably clean, I downloaded it.

Then, I realized it is also at a pretty good rank.


I don’t have a very good experience with books that rank high on Amazon list. More often that not, the book ends up being mediocre.

Alright, the rant is getting too long. Let’s get down to the review.

Plot Sumary & Review

This is a story about Nikhil – a YouTuber and standup Comedian. He is handsome, charming and a playboy. He enjoys girls’ attention that inevitably comes his way. An unfortunate incident makes him change his way of thinking anf his lifestyle, both.

He decides to marry his childhood buddy Anushka, who has loved him since forever. The marriage of convenience soon becomes a point of botheration for Anushka.

But, all is well that ends well.

I would have liked to see more of them but sometimes short stories have its limitations. Overall, an enjoyable read.

Until then, lots of love!

Shabana Mukhtar

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