Book Review | His Convenient Wife | Lily J. Adams

Book Details

Title: His Convenient Bride

Length:  41 pages

Published: 11 May, 2020

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Book Description

Can a PLAYBOY BILLIONAIRE fall in love with his convenient wife for real?

She needs money for medical school. He needs to find a wife to inherit his father’s multimillion-dollar empire. She is a poor orphan; he is an insanely rich billionaire playboy. Will their friendship help resolve their challenges? Will they find their happily ever after? Or will it all end up in total disaster?

There is only one way to find out.

Follow Brant and Elena in Book 1 of The Playboy Billionaire’s Marriage romance series of SHORT stories.

Plot Summary & Review

This is a very short romance story with a marrige of convenience trope, first in a series of six.  The book plays with only one or two romance trope , given the scope is a short story. Marriage of convenience between a rich boy and poor girl, friends to lovers; throw jealousy and misunderstanding as conflict, and bam! A successful romantic short story.  I enjoyed the first book and I hope to read the series once I renew my KU subscription.

I wish I could write such short romance and be as successful as Lily Adams. Ah, my shattered dreams of becoming an author. Sigh!

Shabana Mukhtar