Book Review | HIS INNOCENT SECRETARY | Dee James

Non Review Rant

I have no other reason, except I was browsing through some recommendation on Amazon Kindle app and this one was short, only 92 pages.

Alright, let’s get down to this review.

Book Details

Title: His Innocent Secretary

Length: 92 pages

Published: 11 July, 2017

Price: 99 (Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers)

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Book Description

Simple, straight, fun-filled story of a too-serious businessman and a fun-loving woman. Their chemistry was hot and tangible. Enjoyable read.

The dashing CEO and his ever-efficient assistant. Why does he feel an uncanny attraction to her suddenly, when both of them least expect it? Will he find out her secret? Will she be able to get away with her deception? Ashwin, a thirty-year old CEO, with a ruthless demeanor, falls for his petite, sinful-looking secretary. Is she as innocent as she looks? Or, is she hiding something from Ashwin? Will their love conquer over all the deceptions?

Plot Summary

Ashwin Kumar is surprised and turned on by his assistant Anita’s presence. They have been working together for 2 years so this sudden change of heart (lust) makes him question his feelings even though he doesn’t hesitate to make a move on her.

What follows is a very detailed and graphic illustration of how their relationship moves from one stage to other. The narrative is laced with enough drama. 


It is predictable from the get go and the effort to create mystery doesn’t work. The entire plot was unnecessarily complicated and confusing… So much that at a point even the author got confused.

Dia or Anita, Anita or Dia?

I also feel that every paragraph changed POV. As in, in one paragraph we read what Dia is feeling / thinking. In next, we read about Ashwin’s feelings. I think that’s what they call ‘head hopping’. 

It was a thinly veiled mystery in the beginning, a contract relationship in the middle and a happily ever after in the end. If it wasn’t for the initial and seemingly forced mystery slash confusion of identical twins, I would have liked it better.

Shabana Mukhtar