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I was checking out some books and I suddenly spotted a free book. I get crazy for free stuff. Can you blame me? This one was not only free, but also the perfect length (200-250) pages is the best book to read.

Incidentally, this free book becomes the first book I read in 2020 and the first one to be reviewed.

Alright, let’s get down to this review.

Book Details

Title: I Temporarily Do

Length: 220 pages

Published: 8 August, 2017

Price: 0 (Free book Giveaway)

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Book Description

A little white lie. A little white wedding. A pair of roommates in over their heads.

Days before she’s set to move across the country and start a prestigious graduate program, a con artist leaves Emmy with no where to live and less than zero dollars in her bank account. But her day doesn’t seem quite so bad compared to Beckett’s–his fiancée called off their wedding just days before they tie the knot. Now he’s single and ineligible for his place in married student housing.

So what are a girl without a home and a guy without a wife supposed to do? A quickie wedding in Vegas will solve both their problems. It’s a business arrangement, and no one even needs to know. They’ll just get an annulment in a few months. What could go wrong?

Only Beckett forgot to mention his new apartment is a one-bedroom. And neither of them counted on their new friends at Middlesex University thinking they’re a great couple.

The platonic newlywed game might be harder to play than Emmy thought. Especially when it starts to feel less than platonic.

I Temporarily Do is a Stand-Alone Romantic Comedy.

Author’s Profile

Ellie Cahill is the author of the Cordially Invited series, including I Temporarily Do, as well as stand-alone romantic comedies like When Joss Met Matt, Call Me Maybe, and Just a Girl. Ellie is also the not-at-all secret pen name of Young Adult author Liz Czukas (Ask Again Later, and Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless). Liz’s books are often compared to John Hughes movies, while Ellie usually gets compared to Nora Ephron. Either way, if you like a good 80s rom-com, you’ve found the right place. When they’re not writing fun, funny romances full of shenanigans and awkward kisses, Liz and Ellie are at home with their family and a golden retriever with different ideas about the definition of “dog bed.”

You’ll find Ellie on Facebook and Twitter (@ellie_cahill) but you’ll more easily find Liz in those same places as well as Instagram and Tumblr. You’ll find either one of them parked in front of the TV every Sunday night getting their fill of Zombies, Westeros, The Doctor, or any other place where cute English guys fight evil.

Speed round: sweet tea, Hufflepuff, dark chocolate, cheese is the perfect food, Go Badgers, and Han shot first.

Plot Summary

Emily aka Emmy aka Em is at the receiving end of a fraud and gets bankrupt days before moving out of her house. She and her 5 roommates (3 boys and 2 girls) enjoy the last few hours together. When they all go their separate ways, Em doesn’t have a place to stay.

Becket’s fiance Emily (yep, same name) calls off the wedding just a week before they are about to get married. He is devastated, for more reasons than one. He has opted for couple housing in university and needs to marry in order to avail that facility.

So, they both decide to marry each other for the sake of keeping  roof above their heads. Of course, sparks fly, cupid’s at work and they fall for each other. A little conflict that sets them apart for a few hours and happily ever after.


There are several lines that I liked but couldn’t copy and right now, I am feeling too lazy to find ’em again. Rest assured, there were be plenty of witty lines in this story.

I felt that the story was inititally a bit too detailed, especially the roommates bit and their drinking and hangover etc was unnecessarily long. After that, the narration flows very smoothly as the duo gets in and out of trouble and enjoy being fake-married.

It is reasonably clean, very clean, in fact, if you look at explicit scenes in majority of romance books these days.

I just felt that the whole family scene and the closure was a bit rushed. Still, I enjoyed the book a lot.

Shabana Mukhtar


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