Book Review | IT’S IN HIS KISS | Bria Quinlan

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Length: 42 pages

Published: 11 July, 2017

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Jenna’s been letting life pass her by as she works on her career. But, when she needs to do some research of this kissing kind, things may get a little more heated than she expected.

Research has never been so fun.

WARNING: This 11k short has no vampires, shape shifter or scorching sex, but it might make you snort your diet Coke out your nose.

Author Profile

Bria Quinlan is an award-nominated bestselling author of eight Romantic Comedies and YA Issue Books (that she swears are funny…really. They are.) Her books make you snort Diet Coke out your nose or tear up and curse her name.


OMG! What a great find!

I was only looking for romantic comedy ebooks on Kindle when I found this. I found many but this one was shortest. I was apprehensive. Would it be a complete story in 41 pages?

It is. There is enough exposition, although you do feel like wanting to know more about Jenna. And, the story is well rounded, almost perfect. It has comedy, loads of it. It has some serious things like bad friends and a handsome and kind hero.

I’d love to read more from this author.

Shabana Mukhtar