Book Review: AN ACCIDENTAL BOYFRIEND (by Maggie Dallen)

Book Details

Title: The Accidental Boyfriend

Author: Maggie Dallen

# of pages: 156

Author Profile

MAGGIE DALLEN is a big city girl living in Montana. She writes romantic comedies in a range of genres including young adult, historical, and sweet contemporary. An unapologetic addict of all things romance, she loves to connect with fellow avid readers.


What do you do when Mr. Right seems oh-so-wrong?

Holly Sinclair is ready to have it all. She’s even found her Mr. Right–a steady, reliable guy who just needs a little convincing. Now all the former wild child has to do is free herself of her very inconvenient attraction to Jack Everett. Not only does the notorious playboy and tabloid king seduce her at her sister’s wedding, he follows her to Paris! Suddenly, Holly is alone with Jack in the most romantic city in the world–and his family is leaping to the wrong conclusions…

The world’s most infamous bachelor has finally met his match. If Jack was the type to settle down, Holly would be the woman of his dreams. There’s just one hitch: Holly actually believes she wants to marry Mr. Oh-So-Boring. Intent on proving that she deserves someone better, Jack finds himself playing the role of the perfect boyfriend…a little too well. If he’s not careful, he might just lose this game–and his heart.

Plot & Review


The book is about Jack and Holly, and their struggle with their inability to commit to a relationship.


The book is about Jack and Holly, both are unwilling to commit. Jack acknowledges it bravely. Holly, however, comes up with a plan to find the person to settle with (her best friend Benjamin) and make him realize that they are made for each other. Great plan, right?
Of course not.

She chases Benjamin to wrong Paris, where Jack comes to rescue, coz Holly has an over-protective family, or so it seems. They fall for each other, and yet stupidly keep talking about ‘I don’t want to commit’.
Long story short, it takes a few interventions to make them see reason and that is followed by a happily ever after.

It is part of a series but can be read standalone, if you’re not too picky about every little detail about the characters.

The way I read it, it tells us a lesson – about not becoming someone else just to realize one or more of your dreams.

So, everyone out there who wants me to talk incessantly to get a promotion and indirectly JUST so your egos are massaged, here’s an announcement.

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