Book Review | Rule #2: You Can’t Crush on Your Sworn Enemy | Anne-Marie Meyer

Book Description

He was my enemy, but my heart had other ideas.

I live by three rules.

One: I never get lower than an A in any class.
Two: I never lose a cross-country race.
And Three: I never talk to Cade Kelley

Well, number three came crashing down the moment Principal Connell asks me to guide Cade back onto the right path. Something about helping him turn his life around. If only Principal Connell knew our history, he’d understand just what he’s asking.

But, I have an incessant need to please all adults, so of course I say yes.

When Cade seems pleased as well, I can’t help but wonder if this is part of some scheme. A plan he’s worked up to finish me once and for all. Apparently, what he did in junior high wasn’t enough.

Just when I think I have everything figured out, my life spirals out of control. Suddenly, adults suck—especially parents—and pleasing them becomes the last thing I want to do. What confuses me even more is in the moment I choose to run away, the first person I go to is the one guy I swore I would never get close to.

Hopefully, the Cade I’ve uncovered won’t hurt me because I’m so close to breaking.

Plot Summary

My quest for sweet and clean romance continues.

This story is about Cade and Penny. Penny has hated Cade since junior high when he pulled a prank on her. Now, Cade has had legal troubles and the judge has asked him to get his grades up as a punihsment. Weird, but whatever!

The principal sir asks Penny to be Cade’s mentor, and thus begins the story. It’s a romance story, so we know they would end up together, no biggie. But boy is it sweet…


I like Cade. He cares for his family, has a chill-out attitude towards things, and I ended up thinking: man, I wish I could be so calm.

I don’t understand why Penny hated Cade so much. I mean, it’s not that he hurt her knowingly. He was a kid, she was a kid. She seems like a person who can’t let go of their grudge (like me).

For whatever reason, Penny hated Cade, for a very long time. And then, two dates on the tower later, she falls in love with him. So, she liked him all along or what?

I also don’t get why she’s so tight-lipped about her parent’s divorce. She could have talked to her best friend, who I like better than Penny. Veronica was just a staple mean girl character, and I don’t relate to her because we didn’t have such people around us in school. But then, we have a very different culture here in India, and I was in school like centuries ago.

If I overlook this tiny setback, I like the story.

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Off to read the first book in this series: Rule #1: You Can’t Date the Coach’s Daughter.

Shabana Mukhtar