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Title: Sway With Me

Length: 265 pages

Published: 26 October, 2019

Price: INR 99 (Or you can borrow it for free if you’ve Kindle Unlimited subscription)

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Book Description

When Sia Patil, a nineteen–year–old home economics undergraduate student, submitted the dance audition form online; she did not expect to be selected.

When Anshul Malhotra, the owner of the country’s most popular and reputed dance institute selected Sia’s application; he did not know that he was inviting trouble and his life would change forever.

Sia and Anshul were two peas in a pod. Both were headstrong, hot-tempered and had not learned to take no for an answer. But they say that there can only be one lion in the jungle. Which one of the two dancers got their way?

“Sway With Me” is first in the Sway series – a series of stories with dance theme. This is a light hearted romantic comedy with no mature content.

Author’s Profile

Ira is an IT professional. She is thirty-nine years old and currently lives in Sheffield.

Non Review Rant

Do you hate recommendations? I do, sometimes. I have rambled about it here in my review of His Convenient Bride (Contracts #1) By Ira M.

This one was one of the books that Amazon recommended. At 265 pages and claiming to be clean, I downloaded it. The description of this book intrigued me, a lot.

Here is my review.

Plot Summary & Review

Sia is an endearing character because she liked to eat and doesn’t like to exercise. I am sure women like me would be able to relate to her.

The first scene between hero and heroine is the audition. It is funny and intense at the same time. Poor Sia, and poor Anshul. They don’t know what they are getting into.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to guess that she gets selected. What follows is a series of antiques she pulls to get out of the whole dancing thing.

The banter between Anshul is adorable and it never gets old. Sia is always trying to take a shortcut for things and Anshul never allows her to do that.

Gradually, they begin to understand each other, and fall in love.

The characters were likable and the story focused primarily on Sia and Anshul. I liked Chintu, Sia’s brother as well.

There was just the right balance of dance routines and other regular scenes or it would have felt like watching behind the scenes of a dance reality show.

This book also features some of my favourite songs. It was nice to read it being part of novel.

I felt that the ending was rushed. Anshul’s mother wanted him to settle down. I would have loved to read an epilogue of sorts.

Overall, an enjoyable and funny read. It is a rarity to read a clean romantic comedy. I have read two more books by the same author but those had slightly more mature content than my liking.

This book reminded me of two movies – Step Up and Step Up 2. Right, I gotta review them.

Until then, lots of love!

Shabana Mukhtar