Book Review:The Billionaire’s Hired Girlfriend By Alexia Praks

I am on a reading spree for past two weeks, and hence not so much of blogging.

Last week was a little draining. It was physically exhausting, and left me emotionally vulnerable. I therefore opted for the good old therapy – reading.

I don’t recall correctly and I have not kept track. Roughly, I’ve read six or seven English Books and not less than ten Urdu ones. All fiction, of course. With that, let’s continue the review writing spree.

This is the guilty pleasure. Read something romantic and silly.

You know when there is nothing but romance in the air? A super rich, super handsome, super caring guy falling for otherwise plain-looking, simple, and innocent girl. Yeah, it is a fantasy for all girls at some point in their life. So it doesn’t hurt to read a glorified version of that story.

It is a story of Jayden McCartney (Jay) and Alexandra Stewart (Alex). Jay has to bring his girlfriend to his sister’s wedding in order to stop the matchmaking his grandmother has planned for him (Really, do that have that in western culture as well? I thought it is only us the asian sub-continent folks who do that). Nonetheless, a few family members like Alex, the grandma doesn’t. And Jay couldn’t help himself from falling in love with Alex.

The story takes a predictable path. However, like I said, it is a guilty pleasure read.

A 2.5 on 5 stars.

With this, all done. Only the conclusion to come.

Happy Reading!
Shabana Mukhtar



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