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Length: 204 pages

Published: 19th October 2017

Price: Free while drafting this post

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Book Description

How do you get a boy to notice you? I’m completely in love with Scott Lawes, except that it’s like I don’t exist to him. But I have a plan, and I’ll do whatever it takes!

Jenny wants Scott, and ropes Nick into her plans to get Scott to really see her as a girl he could date. But Nick doesn’t have the greatest reputation with girls and may have an agenda of his own…

Young Adult Romantic Comedy, from best selling author of The Flirting Games Series.

Please be aware that this book contains kissing, advisable for 13+


Another YA book. This one has fake boyfriend theme.

Jenny and Nick plot to get Scott’s attention for Jenny but end up falling for each other. I think the description gives away the story. Luckily, I read that just now, whilst drafting this post.

For me, it was rather enjoyable, even though predictable. It is a nice and quick read. I’d say, go for it.

Shabana Mukhtar