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Book Description

The Girl He Needs (A No Strings Attached Series Book 1)

Three reasons I’m getting in a car with a stranger by Josie Woodmere:

  1. My piece of crap car is on fire on the side of the highway.
  2. The guy in the truck doesn’t look like a murderer… in fact, he’s hot.
  3. Even if he tries something, I’m confident I could take him.

Hottie in the truck, Brinn McRae turns out to be straight-laced and so not my type. Plus, I’m not looking for romance. I have to find a job and my estranged brother.

The universe must have different plans because the first job my Daytona temp agency sends me to is Brinn’s flight school. And if I thought we weren’t compatible before, working in his small office makes me question my feelings. The only problem is I’m not sure if I want to loosen his straight-laces or choke him with them.

I don’t know if he’s the man I want, but I’m positive I’m the girl he needs.

Escape to Daytona Beach, Florida in this enemies to lover romance. The Girl He Needs is the first book in the No Strings Attached Series but each book can be read as a standalone. Only, you’ll love this group of friends and want to share in their journey for love, happiness, and a few good laughs.

Author Profile

Hey! I’m Kristi. I write laugh out loud twisty mysteries. In all my stories you’ll fall in love with the cast of characters, they’ll become familiar, fun friends. My one hope is that I create stories that satisfy any of your book cravings and provide a quick escape from the every day. My books are in audio, too. In case you have more time to listen and less time to actually hold a book and read :-).

The Girl He Needs: A No Romance-No Comedy Rom-Com

Non-review Rant

I started this shortly after finishing the book in my previous issue of one-book-review-per-month series.

Book Review |  My Billionaire Grump | Camilla Isley

That one was fun. And, as you can see, I spent a lot of time on reviewing that book. This one, not so much. Hence, the review is going to be short.


Josie has commitmment issues and she lives out of her suitcases. She moves to Florida to look for her brother. On her way to Daytona Beach her car breaks down and she has to hitchhike to get there. Brinn gives her a lift as she coincidentally is on her way to his hometown. And that’s how we meet the hero. During the ride, she saves Brinn from getting into a legal battle. Because she’s so smart…

Josie’s brother Will was her best and only friend. 12 years ago, he was in an accident. He checked out of the hospital after being there for several weeks and never returned. Josie has been looking for him for two years. She’s traveling from place to place and hopes she will find him eventually. She is a lawyer from ivy league college, but has left her parents’ dreams and her own, behind. Now, she is solely focussed on living a no-strings-attached lide.


As is generally with any review, I liked a few things and didn’t like some. Without much further ado, let’s get to it.

Some Quotes

Chapter 1 – Page 8

change is my niche,

Chapter 6 – Page 62

I love this shit. More importantly, I’m good at it.

Chapter 6 – Page 70

I used to have contingency plans for my contingency plans.
This last one reminded me Rhode’s quote from “Now You See Me”. It goes something like: 
These guys have backup plan on top of backup plans.

#unrelatable heroine

Josie’s personality doesn’t quite capture the imagination. She’s a bit of a know it all and screaming–come on, see how great I am. I can foresee a legal battle while reading a book; I can be a kickass bartender; dealing with lecherous man is my second nature; and I don’t want to settle down.

Look at the title–the girl he needs. Josie’s like: Brinn McRae can’t see just how awesome I am. He must know that I’m the one for him. Most of this book seemed like Josie praising herself. I find it hard to connect with both main characters.

Dull hero

Brinn, on the other hand, is a rather dull character who appears to have a lot of ambition for his future but fails to achieve his goals. He’s oblivious to the possibilities beyond his work-centric life, and Josie’s attempts to reintroduce him to the joys of living seem unconvincing.

Not My Cuppa

Sadly, this book wasn’t my cuppa. It was far too long. I didn’t connect with the romance or the comedy of it. It dragged for 300+ pages for nothing. I had to push myself to finish it, skipping over some parts. I couldn’t get the hand of the writing style, perhaps too American for me?

The chemistry between the lead is nothing to write home about. Not even once did I want to be in Josie’s shoes, which happens when I read a great romance. Since I didn’t like the heroine, liking the books (or even finishing it) was much more difficult.

The mystery doesn’t intrigue me either. Josie is looking for her brother, but Will doesn’t make appearance very often in the book. I didn’t resonte with the humour, the language, the way many things are described. Yet, I felt that if the length was shorter, it would have been a crisp read.

Stay tuned for more book reviews in my “one book review per month” series. Until next time, happy reading!


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