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Title: The Thief: A Short Story

Length: 8 pages

Published: 25 September, 2019

Price: INR 49 (Or you can borrow it for free if you’ve Kindle Unlimited subscription)

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Book Description

A boy in his tender age was hanged to the tree, tied by his hands with a rope and pulled up; his feet barely touching the ground.

As he slowly oscillated like a heavy pendulum, the sweat dripped down all the way from his neck, counting the bones in his rib that popped out, finally reaching his half pant that already turned wet.

The bruises on his body suggested the degree of the anger of those surrounding him. It was nearly a dozen gentlemen, wearing the fine clothes and the social dignity, who gave their valuable time to teach the boy a lesson he sure needed.

It was indeed quite unpleasant a sight and quite a story of the thief.Non Review Rant

One of those days, when I was reading random threads on Goodreads and someone mentioned this one. The cover draws attention immediately


I like stories that are short and impactful. This one is one of them.

This book is a short story about a kid thief and a person who witnessed the thief being beaten inhumanly.

Then, the two of them talk and the kids tells the narrator why he was trying to steal. The story will make you a bit emotional and will force you to reconsider your standards of heroism.

Until then, lots of love!

Shabana Mukhtar

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