Book Review: Chhupi Daulat (Hindi) By SILLUSTRATIONS

Non-review Rant

There are three reasons I read this book.

1) I am reading short stories to meet my reading challenge on Goodreads of reading 150 books, like really short ones.

2) Currently, I am about to round-up kids’ books. So, I decided to include this in the lot.

Book Details



Title: छुपी दौलत Chhupi Daulat

Length: 6 pages

Published: 13 September, 2019

Price: INR 50 (Or you can borrow it for free if you’ve Kindle Unlimited subscription)

Link to Buy On Amazon:

Book Description

Kid’s story with an interesting twist that will amuse even the adults.

Plot Summary & Review

This short story is so good, I can’t even tell.

The setting is in a village, where an old woman lives alone. Her children assume she’s rich and miser. They are after her wealth. After she dies, they start to fight about distributing her belongings.

If I say anymore, I will spoil the story for you. Read it. It blew my mind.

Shabana Mukhtar



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