Book Reading Spree April 2018: Conclusion

I was on a reading spree for past two weeks, and hence not so much of blogging, except a few reviews.

Past two-three weeks were a little draining. It was physically exhausting, and left me emotionally vulnerable. I therefore opted for the good old therapy – reading.

I don’t recall correctly and I have not kept track. Roughly, I’ve read six or seven English Books and not less than ten Urdu ones. All fiction, of course. With almost all book worthy of writing a review, I hereby conclude.

  • that all the free books on Google Play Books are not worthy of reading, no matter how tempting the cover page is
  • that when you are down emotionally and physically, read something refreshing. don’t try new writers. Go with the old reliable ones. After all, reading a book halfway through, is not a nice feeling.
  • that it is OKAY to leave a book unfinished. Don’t torture yourself to read through till the end. Be a little selfish.
  • that I must read “The Hunger Games” trilogy. As I was browsing through the books, I saw this one. I read the sample just out of curiosity. I  am not a big fan of sci-fi. But there is something about the way this book is written, that made me like it instantly.

Shabana Mukhtar

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