Book Review | AIK ARAB DOLLAR KA MANSOOBA | Ishtiaq Ahmed

Let’s review Aik Arab Dollar Ka Mansooba – my second (and the last) read from Ishtiaq Ahmed.


There is a man shablo who brings evil ideas to another man Bhagre. What a job it is! If he has such great ideas, why doesn’t he execute them himself?

There are three brothers, each living in a different city and having an heirloom – a glass. When the three glasses are presented to the lawyer, they will gain access to their billion dollar propert their father left them.

Upon hearing the idea, Bhagre hires Hardy to do the needful. Hardy asks Jaki to find out his mysterious boss Bhagre’s identity.

Jaki and hardy are both killed and Bhagre gets hold of the three glasses.

The three brothers then meet a series of law enforcement oficials, repeating the story each time. There’s inspector Jamshed and his kids, inspector Kashan, Kamran Mirza, Shoki brothers, professor Daud and many more I am forgetting.

This story introduces a new character on every page. In this mesh of characters I almost lost track of the plotline itself.


Alright, so this time I was prepared for a kid’s story. Even so, it annoyed me. The history of three heirloom tumblers that you read above is repeated umpteen times.

Page 11, 23, 43, 55, 65, 235.

One random plot twist after the other, the story  finally comes to an end although tlby that time I was like why bother.

Unnecessary and redundant. Simply “saari tafseel dohra di” would have worked just fine. Just saying.

Shabana Mukhtar