Book Review: Better Off Wed By Laura Durham

I am on a reading spree for past two weeks, and hence not so much of blogging.

Last week was a little draining. It was physically exhausting, and left me emotionally vulnerable. I therefore opted for the good old therapy – reading.

I don’t recall correctly and I have not kept track. Roughly, I’ve read six or seven English Books and not less than ten Urdu ones. All fiction, of course. With that, let’s continue the review writing spree.

This is the first book from a “wedding planner” book series.

It features Annabelle Archer, and her gang of loyal friends; who support her not just in her job, but also in her life.

Each of the characters is detailed out nicely. Kate, Fern, Richard. It is murder mystery series, with just enough touch of romance – just a tiny bit. The story, however, is not about Anna’s love life. It may evolve in other books of the series, we can presume.

This one was a surprise. So really liked it. 3.5 on 5 stars, if I were to rate.

With this, seven down, almost done with, a few more reviews to come.

Happy Reading!
Shabana Mukhtar