Book Review | DIL SE NIKLAY HAIN JO LAFZ | By Farhat Ishtiaq

A short review of this book was posted on Goodreads. This one is more detailed.

Plot Summary

DIL SE NIKLAY HAIN JO LAFZ starts with a young woman Zunaira Abbas (Or, Zaneera Abbas) who goes to park for walk and runs into an elderly middle-aged man Omar Hassan. Now, where have you read such beginning before? Farhat Ishtiaque’s another novel Tere Liya Hai Mera Dil

And, if I remember correctly, Khurram and Simal also meet the same way in Mere Khwab Mere Jugnoo. So, I must take a note that people meeting in park is a cliche.

Of course, we think of Zunaira as the heroine. She is a very popular author (self-reference?). But wait. This is not that kind of novel where a young heroine falls for a very old man. Nah.

As they meet often, she gets to know more about Omar. He is the supervisor at an orphanage (because he was one). She finds out that he is also a writer and could not get his love-interest Wadee’a Kamal for reason I will not reveal here.

Zunaira vows to make the oldies meet. As it turns out, his fiance is now a publisher. Zunaira not only finishes her novel but also sets up the end scene, a happily ever after scene for Omar and Wadee’a.

All’s well that ends well.


Let me start this review with an anecdote. My younger sister is a big fan of Farhat Ishtiaque, especially author’s ability to create a hero so handsome, caring and charming that we would him in IRL. And, no, I don’t mean just as a partner. Who wouldn’t want such understanding man as a brother, for instance?

Even she doesn’t like this one. In fact, she hates this novel.


Because this novel was far from what Farhat Ishtiaque generally writes. I mean, sure, it was romantic. I didn’t like how the plot was woven in two generations.

I generally like the stories about writers or the ones that detail the publishing process. This one didn’t impress me on that regard either.

It has the usual Farhat Ishtiaq elements – the romance is in abundance and her beautiful words will awaken emotions that you didn’t know existed. It fails to leave an impact, though.

It could just be me. I don’t hate the writer. I love her work. This one just didn’t work for me.

This is my poor opinion. If any reader disagrees with it, then let’s just say that our choices are different. I respect your opinion and you should respect mine.

That’s enough. See you later!

Shabana Mukhtar.

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