Book Review: Engaging Mr. Darcy

Review of “Engaging Mr. Darcy (An Austen Inspired Romantic Comedy)

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Before we begin:
This made me change my opinion multiple times through the day.
I started reading the book on June 2, 2018. I barely finished 20% of it, and decided to call it quits. Although it is in the title, the book was just too similar to Pride and Prejudice.
Even after the sweeping declaration, I continued to read. I take back my words. I am not the kind of person who can abandon a book. What was I thinking? I grew fond of the characters, and finished 80% the next day

, completed the book soon after.

I would rate it 3.5, but I feel generous today, hence I round up to 4/5 stars.

As it says in the title, it’s an inspired work off “Pride and Prejudice”, that moved to a modern setting. I would want to stick to my old verdict – it reminds too much of the book it takes inspiration from.

The plot and storyline is taken as is, and nothing novel there. However, I feel it is a sin to abandon a book and carried on. After chapter 9, I grew fond of the new characters and it was a breezy read past that.
It’s fast paced. It is one of the clean romance stories. One cannot expect otherwise, if it is based on P&P.

Do read for the love of Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennett.

Happy Reading!

Shabana Mukhtar





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