Book Review: HEEREY KI KAAN (Jasoosi Duniya #13 By Ibn-e-Safi)

Plot Summary

Heerey Ki Kaan marks Rasheeda and Anwar‘s first appearance in Jasoosi Duniya.

So, after a good amount of exposition about Anwar and Rasheeda, we see another character who’s related to Anwar – Sajeda, Anwar’s ex girlfriend.

Her husband loses Irshad mind and she seeks help from Anwar. Irshad has a mine which being digged for diamonds.

Now, there are crazy number of characters involved in this story.

  • Sajeda: Anwar’s ex girlfriend
  • Irshad: Sajeda’s husband
  • Rizwan: Irshad’s friend
  • Shahid: Irshad’s friend and supposed killer
  • Zubaida: Rizwan’s keep
  • Dhara Singh and Seth Athar: Irshad’s partners. There is also a colonel who has also invested in the mine.

Irshad is found dead in a different city. The first suspect, Dhara Singh is also killed a few hours later. Anwar meets several people related to Sajeda and Irshad (see the list above). Eventually, he figures out the murderer’s identity way before the police.


This story did not feature Faridi or Hameed. Say what?

Rasheeda and Anwar’s bickering and arguments keep the story interesting. I still can’t help but feel cheated. I mean people pick Jasoosi Duniya for Faridi and Hameed. Even though Anwar reasons quite well and his ways of investigation are similar to Faridi, the story misses the mark of being a memorable one.

The bullets were fired on victim’s face and for crime mystery readers it would not be difficult to guess that the victim isn’t who he is projected to be. The climax, therefore was anticipated.

Since this review isn’t entirely positive, I should include my signature disclaimer about my love for Ibn-e-Safi.

Irrespective of the title, and what rating I give, I love his work.

Ibn-e-safi, the person who introduced me to the world of suspense and thriller at young age of six (ish).

Growing up, it was a challenge to get hold of his books. Thanks to the people who put a lot of effort to digitize all his books.

In past three years, I have a habit of reading all his 150+ books, from Imran Series and Jasoosi Duniya, at least once in a quarter. Yes, that is how much I like his work. Sue me, if it is wrong.

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Shabana Mukhtar

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