Book Review | JUNOON THHA KI JUSTUJU | By Farhat Ishtiaq

A short review of this book was posted on Goodreads. This one is more detailed.

Plot Summary

Naina resents her elder sister Saba, who, in her opinion is just a manipulative person. She spends her entire life hating her, and towards the end everything takes a 360-degree turn and she finds out that she was wrong all along.



This is the most confusing plots I have read. And, every incident that Naina sites as an example to prove her point (that Saba is a witch) just boiled my blood. I don’t need more negativity around me. I am living in India. There is enough to make me hyperventilate.

And a parting thought…

This is my poor opinion. If any reader disagrees with it, then let’s just say that our choices are different. I respect your opinion and you should respect mine.

That’s enough. See you later!

Shabana Mukhtar.