Book Review | KHAUFNAAK IMARAT | Imran Series #1 | Ibn-e-Safi

Plot Summary

Khaufnaak Imarat begins with a very engaging opening scene. If I ever write suspense, I would like to begin the story like this one. Ah, dear Imran!

Ali Imran, the protagonist, a new hero by our very own Ibn-e-Safi is seen trying to knot a tie. He fails, Sulieman, his trusted servant helps him, and tells him to buy some clothes. Imran dutifully agrees, only to find out that his sister and cousins were waiting for him.

In one scene, we know that he’s 27, has MSc & PhD from Oxford university, qualified, simpleton and easy to fool. Girls fall for his natural charisma. And he informally helps Superintendent Faiyaz.

Anywho, after much disdain from Suraiyya, they leave to watch a movie.

Enters Faiyaz and takes Imran with him, leaving Suraiyya fuming. Imran’s idiosyncrasies will drive you crazy but the moment he looks at the dead body, just like Sherlock Holmes, he notices a few things that others didn’t.

Faiyaz not only seeks help but also bosses him around. He is almost always selfish and Imran is almost always unperturbed. I love Imran because he rambles, a lot, just like me. I wish I could be as thick-skinned as he is.

There is an old mansion and a notorious man uses it to get rid of his enemies. Unfortunately, a stupid-looking genius named Imran is helping the investigation.

The suspense isn’t off the charts and the plot is predictable but Ali Imran is so adorable. You’re bound to pick up another Imran series novel.

That is my review of the first story of Imran Series. What do others feel about this story? Please comment.

Shabana Mukhtar